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We believe in the importance of basic customer service principles. We combine the friendly service that you expect from a small, locally owned business, with the kind of knowledgeable and honest advice from your trusted professional advisors. My staff and I are committed to being friendly, accessible, and treating you as a valued client. If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime by calling or using our Contact Us page to email us.

Our Team

Blake B. Fields

Blake B. Fields


    Blake Fields was born and raised in Cassville, Missouri. Blake graduated from Cassville High School in 2002, the University of Missouri - Columbia in 2006, and Law School at the University of Missouri - Kansas City in 2010.

    Blake has previously worked for the Law Office of J. Michael Riehn in Cassville 2006-2007 and the Law Office of Edward C. Gillette out of Kansas City 2007-2011. In 2012, Blake started his own practice in Cassville, Missouri, to return to his home town and practice where he can help people he knows.

    Ilene Deffenbaugh

    Ilene Deffenbaugh

    Office Manager/Paralegal

      Ilene is the office manager and paralegal at the office. She handles a multitude of duties for the firm, some of which include legal writing and research, bookkeeping and many of the office daily basics. She has been with the law firm since April 2012. She received her Paralegal Certificate from American Institute for Paralegal Studies and has been a paralegal for 17 years. Prior to coming to this office, she worked in Wal-Mart's legal department for 11 years in the civil litigation and employment litigation areas, as well as at one of the more prominent law firms in Arkansas.

      Stephanie Parsons

      Stephanie Parsons

      Legal Assistant

        Stephanie joined the firm in September 2015 and is a legal assistant to Blake. She previously worked as an assistant to attorney Tom W. Cardin from 2007 to 2015. She is experienced in the legal profession with cross functional skills but mainly focuses on Estate Planning and Probate Administration. Stephanie presently continues her educational development working towards her Federal Income Tax Certification as well as Tax Consultant Certification.

        Krystle Beeson

        Krystle Beeson

        Administrative Assistant

          Krystle joined the firm in October 2014 and is the office Administrative Assistant. Her duties include greeting the public, answering the phone and scheduling appointments as well as preparing case files, legal writing and research. Krystle graduated from Cassville High School in 2010 and is currently enrolled in Crowder College to obtain her degree in Business Administration.

          Areas of Practice

          Criminal Law

          I am ready to find solutions to your legal problems. When we discuss your case, I will thoroughly explain all of your options as well as the pros and cons of each. I have the experience to evaluate your case as your defense attorney. If there are flaws in the case against you, I will expose them. If going to trial is your best chance, I will litigate vigorously and will work hard to protect your rights and your freedom.

          I am prepared to defend you or a family member against a wide range of criminal charges:
          drug crime, assault, DUI's, felonies, misdemeanors and traffic tickets.

          Collections/ Garnishments

          The state of today's economy has left many individuals and businesses in debt. Individuals and companies expect to be paid for the goods and services provided and are often left with questions about how to collect on the money they are owed.

          We work to provide comprehensive representation to our clients, handling all of the paperwork, negotiation and litigation that may be related to their collection issues. Contact us today to speak with me about how I can help you collect the money you are owed.

          Family Law

          Decisions made concerning your divorce or other family matters may have a substantial and lasting effect on you and your family. It's important to choose a lawyer who respects that fact and in turn handles your case with the utmost integrity and sensitivity.
          I will work diligently to protect your rights as you face difficult issues concerning family including the below:
          • Divorce
          • Child custody and visitation
          • Child support
          • Paternity
          • Alimony/Spousal support
          • Post-decree modification and enforcement
          • Asset division/Debt division
          • Adoption
          • Pre-Nuptial

          Business Formation

          Although there are a myriad of business entities to chose from, the Limited Liability Company (LLC) has become the entity of choice. It offers several advantages over more traditional business structures such as simplicity in formation and operation as well as tax advantages.

          Simplicity- basic requirements regarding paperwork and documentation, such as no requirements to file documentation with the state each year to keep it open.

          Flexible - combines features such as sole proprietorship and partnerships with the ability to do everything a corporation can do.

          Liability protection - effectively separates your business assets and your personal assets from the risks associated with doing business. Allows you to enter into contracts under the business name rather than personally thus keeping your personal assets better protected when dealing with business matters.

          Simple taxation - taxed in the same manner as a sole proprietorship or partnership, allowing profits and losses to be added to your personal tax returns instead of filing separate individual and business returns. It can also be taxed as a corporation if that would yield the greatest benefit for you.

          We can also assist you with Corporation and Non-Profit Corporation formation.

          Estate Planning

          We understand that each family's situation is unique, and most families have special concerns that must be addressed. Approaching estate planning can seem daunting and overwhelming. However, it is one of the wisest moves an individual can make regarding planning for their future and your family.

          Establishing Wills, Trust and non-probate transfer documents can help you make sure that your assets and loved ones are protected and cared for in a way you choose after your death. These are some things you need to do on your own to make sure specific assets such as care titles and bank accounts are accessible after death as well.

          Contact us today to talk to someone about your families future, do not leave it up to a Court to decide.

          We can prepare Non-Probate transfer documents; Wills; Trusts; Beneficiary Deeds; Beneficiary Bill of Sale; Warranty Deeds; as well as Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare/Living Will; Durable Power of Attorney for Business and Guardianship concerns.

          Estate and Probate Administration

          There are many legal, financial and administrative matters that need to be addressed after the passing of a loved one. The process can be complex or simply straight forward, depending on the size of the estate and other varying factors.

          There are various types of probate:
          Probate Estate Administration (within 1 year of death)
          Small Estates ($40,000 or less)
          Refusal of Letters in Favor of Spouse, Minors, Dependents or Creditors
          Determination of Heirship (more that 1 year after death)
          Affidavit of Heirship (Real Estate only, more that 1 year after death)

          Probate is required when someone passes away and there is property that is still titled in their name alone after their death. Probate is the process of getting the property out of the decedent's name and getting it to the rightful heirs or beneficiaries. If the decedent passes away without a will, Missouri state law determines who the deceased person's heirs are. If the decedent did have a Will, that Will determines who the beneficiaries are.

          There are specific tasks pursuant to Missouri statues associated with the probate procedure including validating the will; appointing a personal representative; identifying beneficiaries; inventorying assets; overseeing the distribution of assets; paying debts and handling creditors' claims.

          Working with an attorney during this process can ease the stress of knowing what to do.

          Real Estate Law

          From simple matters such as creating a Warranty Deed, and a lease agreement to more complex issues such as foreclosure, we can help you with the transactions and help prevent any problems during a sale or transfer.

          • Draft contracts, deeds, notes and lease agreements
          • Evictions
          • Foreclosures
          • Quiet title suits


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